As Electronic Conspicuity (EC) systems become more prevalent in light aircraft, a good power supply is essential to get the best performance from your system of choice.

A system such as PilotAware has a specified requirement for a dedicated 2A supply.  Many plug-in USB supplies share the available power between their ports.  Our chargers are capable of powering all devices at full power without issue.  A PilotAware unit’s power consumption isn’t a steady state but quite ‘bursty’, so a supply that can handle fast transient power demands like ours is also a requirement.

Unlike many generic plug-in chargers, all our ports can supply full power indefinitely.  This is because they are designed from the outset as supplies, not battery chargers, where the load is expected to drop as the battery charges.  In addition, each port is also independent, so a faulty device or cable connected to a port does not impact the power delivery to the others.

Our chargers’ very low EMC footprint can also help ensure the radio signals used by the various EC systems are not wiped out by RF noise.  For example, the GPS signal is exceedingly weak and doesn’t take much to be degraded.

Many EC systems require a visualisation device, generally a tablet running software like SkyDemon.  The nature of software such as SkyDemon and the need for the tablet to often have a bright display causes high power consumption.  So a good quality supply is critical to keeping things running smoothly.

Whilst our chargers will happily supply any EC system component, there is one exception, SkyEcho by uAvionix, owing to its non-standard USB-C port implementation.  More details are in the FAQ.