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User manuals and panel cutout dimensions are available from the icons below, click to open in a new window or right-click to save.

Diagnostic USB port, simply power the unit and connect it to your computer, it will install as a virtual serial port.  The Charger Manager software connects to the charger to display real-time status and manage the port profiles assigned.

The Charger Manager and Firmware Upload software requires .NET, if your machine lacks the required framework you will be prompted to install it.

To use the Charger Manager software, connect the Diag port of the charger to a free USB port, and start the manager software.  Pick the COM port Windows has assigned to the Charger from the drop-down list, it will normally be the highest numbered port listed.  The software will connect and start to display real-time data from the charger.

Firmware updates to the chargers can be applied with the Firmware Updater software.

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Units come with a 2 year warranty.