Features and Specifications


All supplies share a common set of core features, listed below. Full specifications are given here

Very Low RF signature

Both the radiated and conducted emissions of the units is very low, preventing radio / intercom / avionics interference.  Some example comparative measurements of emissions between our supplies and others are given in the Questions and Answers pages.

Safety features

Protection for reversed power supply input, over and under voltage, and thermal shutdown.  Each USB port has independent fault detection and isolation, including short circuit and over-current protection.  A problem device on one port will not impact other ports.

Universal device support
The supplies are microprocessor controlled, they will correctly charge devices without the need for cheater cables, dongles, or other tricks.  Each port is independent, so different makes of devices can be charged alongside one another.
Custom charging profile support
Bespoke charging profiles can be entered to enable support for devices that do not conform to any of the  standards or require something special.  What ever devices come along, a profile can be generated to cater for it.
High Power Output
Each type-A port can deliver up to 12.5 Watts (or 2.5 Amps) of power, USB-C ports up to 15 Watts (or 3 Amps)  The output is very smooth with a very fast response to a devices demand for power.
Extended running
Unlike generic plug in chargers that are designed to charge a battery, our power supplies are suitable for extended periods of operation even at their maximum power output.
Wide operating voltage
The supplies operate on both 12v and 24v/28v systems. USB-C versions, when delivering full power to all 4 ports, require a minimum of 12v.
Diagnostic Port
A USB serial port on the rear of the unit enabled a connection to a PC, depending on charger versuion this can be used for; Version 2 devices: Real time statistics and port management via a Windows based manament tool. It also permits firmware upgrades. Version 1 devices: provides real time information on each ports status, power being supplies, and access to menus to select or enter a custom charging profile and assign it to one or more ports.

Charger 2 PortCharger 4 Port
USB Ports2 x Type A4 x Type A2 x Type A & 2 x Type C
USB powerUp to 12.5 Watts (2.5 Amps) per portUp to 12.5 Watts (2.5 Amps) per portType A up to 12.5 Watts (2.5 Amps) per port
Type C up to 15 Watts (3 Amps) per port
Total max output power5 Amps10 Amps11 Amps
Max input power consumption2.3A (@ 11v)
0.9A (@ 30v)
4.7A (@ 11v)
1.7A (@ 30v)
5.0A (@ 12v)
2.0A (@ 30v)
Input Voltage (min)11v DC
Input Voltage (max)30v DC
Nominal Output Voltage5.20v – 5.25v DC
Standards ComplianceEU Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC
EU RoHS 2 Directive 2011/65/EU
USB Charging Protocol supportUSB Battery Charging specification 1.2 (BC 1.2) compliant
Chinese telecommunications standard YD/T 1591-2009 compliant
Custom defined
Diagnostic PortYes
USB Port status indication (per port)Port active and OK, Port Fault
Standard unit Dimensions
(W, H, D)
55mm x 23mm x 80mm
Weight104 grams121 grams125 grams
Operating Temperature (Celsius)0 - 55
Power input connectorMolex Micro-Fit 3.0