Charge2 and Chatge4 are ideally suited for powering PilotAware / PilotAware Classic / PilotAware Rosetta, offering a stable and high power output not only to your PilotAware unit but also your display device(s).

A stable supply with sufficient power is essential to ensure the reliability of the PilotAware hardware, especially since the move to the more power hungry Pi 2 B.  The new radio Bridge for P3i communication contains a very sensitive radio receiver to pick up other PilotAware equipped aircraft, a noisy power source can reduce the sensitivity of this radio receiver even though your communications radio may appear to be OK.  This has the effect of reducing the detection range of the PilotAware unit.  The ADS-B and Mode-S detection can also be hampered with a poor power supply, again reducing the effective detection range.

A supply that can also respond quickly to fast transient power requirements is also a benefit, to cope with the bursty nature of the radio transmissions.  A generic charger isn’t designed to cope with this type of demand, however Charge2 and Charge4 are.

The recommendation from the PilotAware team is the unit requires a 2A supply, if you also want to power your tablet of choice then that will require additional capacity, so realistically you need at least a minimum of 3A.  Charge2 delivers 5A with Charge4 able to supply 8.5A.  For the full specifications please click here.

For more details of the PilotAware project, created by Lee Moore, please visit their website or user forum.

To purchase a ready built and tested unit head over to the PilotAware store.