Custom charging profiles can be entered into the chargers to accommodate devices that do not conform to the standards.  If you discover a product that doesn’t charge at the rate you believe it should, and we can get hold of the device for a few hours, we can create a custom profile for that device.

For V2 chargers the Windows management software can be used to set a port to static rather than the automatic mode, which may work well for a number of old devices.  Profiles for V2 chargers come in the form of profile files and will be downloadable below as and when required.

For v1 charger versions codes are entered using the diagnostics port.  This code can then be entered and assigned to a port, so no need to buy a separate charger for those awkward devices.

Below are devices that require a custom profile.

Device Profile Code
ASUS Nexus 7 Generation 1 tablet

Some Samsung tablets


Note: The profile code is a hexadecimal number, so contains only letters A to F and numbers 0 to 9.